Happy New Year

Now the last of the decorations have come down, the post New Year thick heads have cleared and 2015 begins in earnest, it is still somewhat hard to believe that 125 years ago this year, Pughs Funeral Directors was started by Jabus Pugh.  Indeed, our independent, family run firm of funeral directors will have been looking after the needs of families from Shrewsbury, Shropshire and beyond for 125 years this year.

Although the world is a very different place to what it would have been when Pughs was started (you would certainly not have been reading this article on a computer, tablet, phone or any similar device you may be reading these words from) we still provide a service that comes from years of collective experience built up upon firm foundations.

Even at this early stage of the year, 2015 already looks to hold a lot for us all at Pughs and we are all excited to meet the challenges, share the excitement and enjoy the celebrations ahead of us.