Visions of Shropshire

As part of our sponsorship of the ‘Our Future’ marquee at the Shrewsbury Flower Show, Pughs of Shrewsbury will be showing our new short video which is an illustration of the wonderful and picturesque county we live in. 

The clip will be playing thoughout the event, however if you are unable to attend the Shrewsbury Flower Show in August then you can watch it in it’s entirety below.  We’re sure you’ll agree, it does a wonderful job of showing off just a little bit of what Shropshire can offer.

The Shrewsbury Flower Show will take place in the Quarry in Shrewsbury Town (just opposite St Chad’s Church) on 8th and 9th August 2014.

For more information about this spectacular event please follow this link: The Shrewsbury Flower Show 2014.