Green Funerals

As we become increasingly aware of our environment and our impact on it, so attitudes toward a funeral service change.

A green funeral service is very much concerned with reducing the effect a funeral has on the environment, to help achieve this a green funeral most commonly involves a burial.  We are lucky to be able to offer a variety of green burial sites set in the wonderful Shropshire countryside.

The environment of a green burial ground is kept as wild and natural as possible. The attitude is one of gentle calm and a returning to nature.  Here are four green burial grounds each of which offer something different.

South Shropshire Remembrance Park is situated in Hope Dale, near Church Stretton and is an area renowned for its natural beauty and historic past. The park’s mature woodland and open spaces offer a scenic and artistic environment with unrivaled views along the Wenlock Edge and to the Stretton Hills.  There is a small wood lodge suitable for services or short pause following an interment, and an area for parking vehicles

Westhope Church Meadow Green Burial Ground is hidden away in the South Shropshire hills near Craven Arms and since 1997 it has been used as a location for green burials. Being set in an orchard, it is well stocked with traditional varieties of apple trees and is also grazed by a flock of rare breed sheep. Early on in the year it is a real picture with the snowdrops and daffodils flowering, followed by the the apple blossom. There is a small service chapel within the grounds which can be used for religious or non religious services. Areas are set aside for ashes to be scattered or buried. You can visit Westhope at any time and the chapel can be opened on request.

Ludford Park Meadow of Remembrance at Ludlow, Shropshire  is a peaceful wildflower meadow, within walking distance of Ludlow town centre. It is managed as a hay meadow, with cutting at least twice a year in mid July when many of the seeds will have already dropped and again in late autumn. In the fullness of time The Shropshire Wildlife Trust will take over the care and management of the meadow, ensuring it will remain a green space for people and wildlife in perpetuity. In June 2009, their botanist found 56 species of wildflowers and grasses within the meadow. Ludford Park Meadow of Remembrance provides a dignified, secure, everlasting place of rest with choices of burial plots, cremation plots or areas for scattering of ashes.

Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground, Whitchurch, Shropshire.  Fenns Meadow is positioned on high ground, facing a North Westerly direction, perfect for watching the beautiful sunsets that regularly occur. The views from the site stretch across to North Wales, Cheshire and Liverpool. The Llangollen Canal borders the western side of the farm.

Pughs Funeral Directors are recommended by the The Natural Death Centre for our flexible, transparent and accommodating service.

The Natural Death Centre is a registered charity who provides information and advice on green funerals and burial grounds throughout the country.