Cremated Remains & Memorial Jewellery

The cremation process will take place at the crematorium on the same day as the funeral service under strict guidelines and code of practice. Each cremation takes place individually and the ashes are always kept separate and placed into a labelled cardboard box container provided by the crematorium.

Following the funeral service here is a guideline as to what happens next:

  • If you have requested for the ashes to be scattered at Emstrey Crematoriums’ Garden of Remembrance, this will take place unattended a few days after the service. 
  • The ashes should be available to collect from our office within a few days following the service, unless you have stated that you want to pick them up directly from the crematorium office.
  • You can if you wish decide to purchase a scatter tube, urn or casket from our show room before or after the funeral service.
  • We recommend that you give us at least 24hrs notice before coming to collect the ashes, so we can have them ready for you when you arrive.
  • Please be advised that we can only release the ashes to the person who is the ‘named applicant’ on all of the official funeral paperwork. If you would like someone else to collect the ashes on your behalf, we will need it in writing at least 24hrs before the nominated person arrives to collect the ashes.
  • When you come to our office to collect the ashes you will receive a certificate from the crematorium stating the name of the deceased and the date the cremation took place, which we recommend you keep safe. The ashes will also need to be signed for before we can release them.
  • Other choices for the resting place of the ashes include having an internment of the ashes or scattering the ashes into an existing funeral plot, burial ground, cemetery or woodland site. You may prefer to take them home until you make a final decision.
  • If you are planning to take the ashes out of the country you will need a signed letter from our office. We would like a few days notice in order to get this prepared for you. Alternatively; we can also arrange to have the ashes delivered to your address or further afield (there may be an additional cost).
  • We have a range of memorial jewellery and mementos that you may like to consider.
Cremation in Shropshire

Memorial Jewellery

Ashes into Glass

Ashes into Glass Jewellery is hand-crafted with meticulous care in their specialist workshops. Each piece is a bespoke creation. The mounts have a timeless, classic style and are crafted to hold the most precious of stones. The pieces are extremely durable. Fine jewellery designed to stand the test of time.

With a choice of white gold, gold and silver settings. Combining traditional techniques with their unique processes to create a beautiful, lasting tribute to the one that you hold dear.

The stone is hand-crafted from your loved one’s ashes together with coloured glass crystals and molten crystals glass. It is then cut, polished and toughened before being set in the solid cast mount including an optional inscription of your choice on most their products.

We have a selection of their memorial jewellery and paperweights in our showroom so please feel free to come in and view them.

Ashes into Glass
Ashes into Glass
Ashes into Glass
Ashes into Glass

Trisha Wood

Multi award-winning artist and jeweller from Kent.

All her pieces are custom made with ashes. With bespoke options of metallic enamel paint, gold and silver shavings, all finished in high gloss resin.

Ashes can be visible, laid in a pattern or imbedded. The finished piece is then gift wrapped and sent with a certificate of authenticity for collection at Pughs Funeral Directors or it can be sent to your home address.

We have a selection of Trisha’s work in our showroom which we would be happy to show you.

Ashes into Glass
Ashes into Glass
Ashes into Glass
Ashes into Glass