Personalise the Service

These days there are more choices available when arranging a funeral and ways to personalise it according to your wishes. We are here to support you throughout as you decide on which services or products you would like to include.

As part of our service we will liaise with other departments and third parties and instruct them on your behalf. There is no request too unusual; and we will do our best to fulfil all requests. Here are some examples of areas that can be personalised:


The Funeral

The main decision here is to decide on whether the funeral will be a burial or cremation and whether you would prefer a religious or non religious service. There are areas throughout the funeral service that can be customised to reflect the person’s individual personality, values and beliefs. Further details here.

We have a showroom at our main office so you can decide on which coffin or casket you would prefer. There are also options available for more personalised or environmentally friendly coffins or urns. One of the key companies we work with has an online digital design tool that can be used to design the appearance of a coffin to your specifications. The design process can even be completed online in the comfort of your own home.


Live streaming, Webcast and Slideshow

At Emstrey Crematorium and Telford Crematorium you can if you wish request to have the funeral service live streamed online for family and friends to view on the day of the service who are unable to attend. You can also order a 28 day webcast, so the funeral service can be viewed online for up to 28 days after its taken place. Another popular product is a slideshow of images (provided by the family) that would be shown during the funeral service, again at Emstrey Crematorium. Your funeral director will be happy to discuss any of these options with you if you would like to know more.



Families will normally request a traditional hearse, but if you prefer, you can book a more unique form of transport for the funeral, for example a motorbike hearse or horse drawn hearse. You may also wish to have some family members act as a bearer on the day, so please discuss this with your funeral director when making the arrangements.


Dress Code

You may like to ask those attending the funeral service to follow a specific dress code, for e.g. to wear bright colours on the day. This can also be mentioned in the press announcement. Alternatively; if they had worked in a particular service or profession, their colleagues may like to wear their uniform or even provide a guard of honour where the service is being held as the hearse arrives.


Order of Service leaflets

We are delighted to say we have our own in-house printers available next to our main office in Longden Coleham. The order of service leaflets can include photos, poems, hymns or more personalised stories of the deceased.



When it comes to the choice of music you could go for the traditional option of an organist and hymns or you may like to ask a family member or friend to play at the funeral. Alternatively; if you have a particular playlist in mind we have access to a large online music directory, so we are able to accommodate most choices.



This is a speech given at a funeral that reflects the person who has died. This can be given by a close family member or friend who knew them well or alternatively by the minister or celebrant. It is an opportunity for those attending to hear about their life, interests and accomplishments and a chance for the speaker to pay tribute to them.



We are proud to say we have our own in-house florists located close to our offices in Longden Coleham. We can arrange for one of the team to come and speak with you at our offices when you come in to finalise the funeral arrangements. Our florist can guide you through the many options available, including if you wish, a bespoke flower arrangement that reflects a personal interest of the deceased for example a favourite football team, hobby or interest. Further info here.



There may have been a charity that your loved one supported that can be included in the order of service and the press announcement. We will provide a collection box on the day and will collate any money or cheques donated and forward it to the charity on your behalf if you wish.

As part of our professional service, we can provide an online tribute page for your loved one. This displays the funeral arrangement information and collects in-memory donations for your chosen charities, including any Gift Aid.

This special memorial website is a place where you can share memories and stories with family and friends, light candles, add music and photos, as well as leave messages. You can find examples of our tribute pages here.


Funeral Reception

Most families like to hold a funeral reception/wake after the funeral service. We have found that families prefer to book and pay for the catering directly with the venue.

Here is a list of venues and caterers that are not far from Shrewsbury Cemetery and Emstrey Crematorium. This is for your information only, and is not a sign of endorsement:

The Abbey Pub – Monkmoor – 

Albright Hussey – Shrewsbury – 

The Brooklands (previously the Wild Pig) – Mill Rd, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury SY3 9JT. Tel: 01743 243333

The Corbet Arms – Uffington – 

Darwin Pub – Sutton Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6JN. Tel: 07738 231852

Jenny’s Catering – 

Mytton and Mermaid – Atcham - 

Origins – Shrewsbury – 

The Peach Tree – Abbey Foregate – 

The Peacock – Shrewsbury – 

Shrewsbury Cricket Club – 

Shrewsbury Town Football Club – 

The White Horse – Shrewsbury –