Your Choice of Funeral

If you decide on a burial as part of the funeral service, the funeral director can arrange it with the minister at the church. Points to consider for a burial service:

  • If a family burial plot already exists we will need to see the original deed so we can arrange to have it reopened.
  • Alternatively; we can arrange for a new plot to be purchased and a marker to be placed there until a new memorial headstone is erected. 
  • Please be aware that some cemeteries may no longer have space for additional graves, and you may need to consider an alternative burial ground and plot.
  • The existing or new burial plot will need to be prepared in advance of the funeral, which we will arrange on your behalf.
  • After the burial, you will need to consider if you would like a memorial headstone placed at the new plot or an inscription added to an existing headstone.
  • We can give you the details of local stone masonry G.H. Davies & Son, who are offering a 20% discount for a memorial headstone in the name of the person whose funeral service was carried out by W.R.R. Pugh & Son if it is booked directly with them.

The local Shrewsbury crematorium is: Emstrey Crematorium London Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6PS. Other crematoriums are available; speak to the funeral director if you need those details. Points to consider for a cremation service:

  • There are many service times options, our funeral director will try to find a time and date that is most suitable to your family.
  • All cremations are carried out on the same day as the funeral service, to a strict code of practice.
  • Services can be held at the crematorium or elsewhere, for example in a church or hall before the cremation service.
  • A full service at the crematorium usually lasts about 30 minutes.
  • There is also an option to have a direct cremation, which means that there would be no cortege or attendees at the crematorium.  The coffin would still be escorted by the funeral director and our bearers to the crematorium. 
  • Flowers that have been placed with the coffin will be displayed outside the crematorium for the family and attendees to view afterwards. They can either be taken to the reception/wake or collected the next day from our offices. Please let your funeral director know your preference.
  • Cremated remains can be scattered, buried or placed into an urn or casket. Please speak to the funeral director who will show you some samples.

A Direct Cremation is when a cremation takes place without a service in the chapel or mourners in attendance. This option may be more suitable due to its lower cost, for those considering a memorial or thanksgiving service at a later date or as a lifestyle choice. 

Once we have been contacted we will make arrangements for the collection and transportation of the deceased into our premises. If a direct cremation has been chosen we will complete all the necessary documentation and make the arrangements with the Crematorium. This funeral option also includes care of the deceased, a suitable coffin for cremation, doctors’ fees, transportation to the crematorium, funeral bearers and the crematorium charges.

While the vast majority of funeral services are either burial or cremation there has been a growing trend in recent years towards a greener, more environmentally friendly funeral service at a woodland or eco burial site. At W.R.R. Pugh & Son we recognise and support this move to a more sustainable choice of funeral and are constantly looking for opportunities to improve and support this movement by providing greener choices when it comes to coffins, urns and funeral service options.

Here at Pughs we regularly work alongside several local eco burial sites; here are some you may wish to consider if you don’t already have one in mind:


Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground
Alkington Grange
SY13 3NH


About: Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground is a peaceful setting in the countryside. There is a ‘Pond of Reflection and a ‘Remembrance Tree’ at the grounds which are relaxing areas for family members and close friends.

Religion: Open to religious or non-religious funerals.

Options available: Burial plots, interment of ashes or scattering of ashes.

Parking: is available on-site.


Soulton Long Barrow


About: The Soulton Long Barrow is a modern memorial site near Wem in Shropshire. Inside the earthen mound barrow is a sequence of stone chambers that contain niches for the placement of cremation urns.

Religion: Soulton Long Barrow is secular, which means they welcome people of all faiths and none.

Options available: Niches for the ashes, tree planting service.

Parking: is available on-site and also off-site, a short walk away from the Barrow.


South Shropshire Remembrance Park
Upper Stanway


About: Situated in a serene setting within mature woodland.  The site contains woodland pathways and there is seating available around the park for the use of visitors. With surrounding views of Wenlock Edge and close to the Stretton Hills.

Religion: The site welcomes people of all denominations and of no denomination.

Options available: Woodland burial, internment of ashes, reception pavilion.

Parking: Parking available on-site.


Westhope Green Burial Site
Craven Arms

About: Set against the backdrop of the Shropshire Hills in Craven Arms, this green funeral space is situated in a beautiful meadowland burial site. Westhope Green Burial site also has its own chapel which can be used for funeral services.

Religion: The grounds and chapel can be used by all, religious or non-religious.

Options available: Natural burial plots, combined burial and ashes plots and space for the interment of ashes or scattering of ashes.

Parking: Car parking is available on-site.


Ludlow Park of Remembrance
37 Mary Elizabeth Road

About: Located in a beautiful and tranquil wild flower meadow burial ground, located near Ludlow town centre. Owned and managed by Lyn and Roger Dalton.

Religion: Open to all, regardless of beliefs or where they live.

Options available: Burial plots, cremation plots, interment of ashes, scattering of ashes.

Parking: Visitors car parking is available.

For families that wish to have a religious funeral service, we have a list of ministers and faith leaders for most denominations available and can advise you if necessary. As W.R.R. Pugh & Son have a long history in the funeral industry, we have a wide range of knowledge and experience overseeing many religious funeral services. We are happy to accommodate your needs in regards to our approach and involvement and will take our lead from you as to how the funeral service is to be set out and conducted.

A funeral celebrant is a qualified person who officiates funeral services. They will spend time with the family and help plan the funeral service, which will honour and reflect the person’s memory. Funeral Celebrants primarily conduct non-religious, semi-religious or if required spiritual funeral services. A funeral service can also, if preferred, be a mixture of personal and religious text that may have been of importance to them during their life. A celebrant will share their understanding of the person who has passed through memories and testimonial given to them by close family or friends. The type of eulogy they will read at the service will be a reflection of that person, their life, interests and personality.

A humanist will lead the funeral service with the belief and understanding that we get just one life and how we lived it and the way we treated people while we were alive is our legacy to our loved ones and how they should remember them.

A humanist will not refer to any religious text during the service. Their presentation will very much be based on the statements and testimonies given by close family and friends.

Our office on Whitchurch road, Shrewsbury can provide the same facilities as Longden Coleham with the added benefit of our own private Service Chapel. This Service Chapel can seat up to 40 people (without restrictions), has onsite parking, disabled access and easy accessibility from Shrewsbury and north Shropshire.

We can arrange the Service Chapel according to your individual requirements. The time of the service can also be much more flexible, which can avoid unnecessary delays. The Service Chapel is similar to the Crematorium Chapel with facilities to play music, sing hymns and view a visual tribute display for photos. You are welcome to record the Service or use different formats to stream the service.

This option gives you more flexibility regarding the Service without the restrictions of the Crematorium Chapel. You are welcome to view the Chapel and facilities and discuss any requirements with our funeral directors.