Cremation Service

What is a Cremation?

Cremation has overtaken burial as the most popular funeral service of choice - accounting for an estimated three in four funerals today.

It is quite a turnaround with, for example, less than five percent of funerals being cremations in 1930. Indeed, cremations were not legalised in this country until a little over 100 years ago.

It involves the deceased being taken into our care and conveyed to the crematorium at a pre-arranged date and time where, after a short service, the remains are cremated on the same day. There is a choice of service options: The deceased can be taken to a church or other venue for a service before being taken to the crematorium for committal, or the deceased can be taken directly to the crematorium where a service and the committal will be held.

The ashes can be scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance or returned to the family in accordance with wishes regarding a final resting place.

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What is a Cremation?
Benefits of a Cremation in Shropshire


Benefits of a Cremation in Shropshire

Here are the benefits of choosing a Cremation service:

  • Flexibility: A cremation allows you the freedom to choose where and when the ashes are scattered.
  • Cost: A cremation is generally a cheaper option to a burial service.
  • Shorter service: The service for a cremation is usually shorter than that for a burial, which can often be a relief for those attending

What's Included in Our Cremation Service?

Collection of the deceased

Collection of the deceased from the place of death.

Having your own designated funeral director.

Making arrangements with the crematorium and minister or celebrant who will conduct the service.


Order of service leaflets

Conveying the deceased to the funeral service and crematorium as required.


Return of the ashes.

We can also help you with:


Choosing a florist and information about a stone mason for a memorial headstone if the ashes are to be buried.

The Process of Burial in Shropshire

The process of cremation involves the following steps:


Contact us to inform us about the death. We will require some basic information about the deceased, including their name, date of birth, and place of death.


We will collect the deceased from the place of death and transport them to our funeral home.


Our funeral director will guide you through the funeral arrangements.


We will take the deceased to the crematorium on the day of the funeral.


We arrange for the ashes to be returned to you or they can be collected from our funeral home. We can also arrange for the ashes to be buried for you.


How to Arrange a Cremation in Shropshire

It is easy to arrange a cremation when you choose WRR Pugh & Son. You can:

How to Arrange a Cremation in Shropshire
Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of the cremations we organise are in Shrewsbury or Telford but we can arrange for cremations to be carried out further afield on request.

As with all types of funeral services, we arrange the time and date for the service for you. We are given time and day slots for the service by the crematorium and waiting times between death and the service can vary depending on how busy the crematorium is. There are service time options available and we will try to find a time and day that is most suitable to your family if we possibly can.

The care of the deceased and their family are always our top priorities. Whatever your preferred option of funeral service, our first obligation is to take the deceased into our care and look after them right through to the end of their final journey.

Yes. Some people have a service at a church or other venue before going to the crematorium, some just opt for the service at the crematorium. Mourners can attend, floral tributes can be made and a choice of hymns or other music is permitted. This differs from a direct cremation where there is no service, no mourners and no flowers.

All cremations are carried out on the same day as the funeral service, to a strict code of practice.

A full service at the crematorium usually lasts about 30 minutes.

Flowers that have been placed with the coffin will be displayed outside the crematorium for the family and other attendees to view after the service. They can then be either taken to the wake where your loved one is to be remembered or the flowers can be collected the next day from our offices.

This usually depends on the wishes of the deceased but there are several options available. The ashes can be scattered, buried or placed in a cask or urn. Ashes can be scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance or we will collect the ashes from the crematorium and deliver them to the family. From there, they can be scattered at a time convenient to loved ones and at a place favoured by the deceased or their family - usually a spot that was special to the deceased. Alternatively, the ashes can be buried in an existing family grave or at a spot popular with the deceased, having first gained any necessary permissions.

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