The Role of a Funeral Celebrant in Shropshire

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is a person who officiates at a primarily non-religious funeral service. Their role is to help plan the service in conjunction with the funeral director and the deceased’s family.

The celebrant essentially takes the place of a minister or other religious official who you would expect to see at a traditional funeral service and is the ideal choice for people who are not particularly religious or who would perhaps prefer a more semi-religious or spiritual service to honour the deceased.

A celebrant is a sympathetic individual who can put the family of the deceased at their ease, is a good speaker and is someone who can set the required tone the family is looking for at the funeral service. 

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What is a funeral celebrant?
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Organising a Funeral With a Funeral Celebrant in Shropshire

Your celebrant will guide you through the planning of the funeral you want. This involves talking in depth about the deceased, their life, interests and the things they did during their lives which made them special and which you want to share.

The funeral service can be a mixture of personal and religious text that may have been of importance to the deceased, allowing the celebrant to use their skill in sharing the understanding of the person who has died through memories and testimonials. 

This means the type of eulogy the celebrant will read at the service will be a reflection of that person, their life, interests and personality - happy memories which can be cherished by family and friends of the deceased.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you inform us about the death of your loved one our funeral director will talk to you about making arrangements for the service. Part of that discussion will centre on whether or not you want a religious, semi-religious or non-religious service. We can talk to you about the role of a celebrant at that time if you so wish.

Yes. We can provide details of funeral celebrants we work with on a regular basis.

Yes. The celebrant usually comes from a non-religious background, they are comfortable speaking in public and are good listeners who have the desire to put their client first at all times.

A celebrant can officiate over a semi-religious service, so readings of religious texts for example, that may have been important to the deceased can be included in the service.

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