The Role of a Humanist at a Funeral Service in Shropshire

What is a Humanist Funeral?

A humanist-led funeral is non-religious and focuses on the deceased’s life and story as an individual. This comes from a belief and understanding that we only get one life and the way in which we live it and how we treat others along the way is the legacy of how we should be remembered.

The service concentrates on a presentation based on stories, memories and testimonials about the deceased which are compiled through the humanist’s discussions with family and friends.

There are no religious readings or music during the service but it will normally include a period of reflection where those attending the service can remember the deceased in their own way.

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What is a Humanist Funeral?
Organising a Funeral Service With a Humanist in Shropshire


Organising a Funeral Service With a Humanist in Shropshire

You may not be aware of what a humanist funeral service involves and whether it is right for you. After notifying us of the death of a loved one our funeral director will arrange a meeting with you to talk through all your funeral service options.

If a humanist-led funeral is your preferred choice we can recommend an appropriate humanist should you wish. They will then work closely with us and your family to ensure the delivery of a funeral service to meet all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A humanist funeral service has no religious input, making it an attractive option for a person who had no particular religious beliefs during their lifetime.

The funeral normally takes place at a crematorium or eco burial location but the actual ceremony can take place wherever you choose - such as a place which was important to the deceased.

It is always a good idea to talk through with a loved one the type of funeral service they want. If no plans have been made and your loved one has never made their wishes known, you will probably still have a good idea about the extent of their religious beliefs. We will talk through funeral service options with you when it comes to arranging the funeral and come up with the best solution.

No. Services normally follow a similar format but they are always personalised to reflect the individual.

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