Natural Burial Service

What is a Natural Burial?

Burials and cremations have traditionally been the choice for funeral services, however, natural burials or eco funerals are becoming a more popular option with many people.

We are all becoming more aware of the need to protect our environment - taking steps now to safeguard our planet for future generations. The funeral industry is no exception and we at WRR Pugh & Son are quick to recognise and support the move to a greener, more environmentally-friendly and sustainable funeral service. 

There are now about 300 eco burial sites around the country. Some are operated through the local authority alongside traditional cemeteries while others are owned and run by private companies. We work closely with several local eco funeral sites.

A natural burial normally follows a funeral service after which the deceased is transported to the eco burial site in a biodegradable coffin - a tranquil location very much in keeping with its green and rural surroundings. No embalming of the body is permitted and in the case of burial of ashes following cremation, the ashes must be placed in a biodegradable urn or casket. 

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What is a Natural Burial?
Benefits of a Natural Burial in Shropshire


Benefits of a Natural Burial in Shropshire

Here are the benefits of choosing a Cremation service:

  • Reduces the carbon footprint associated with cremation and traditional burial.

  • Significantly cuts the negative impact on soil and surrounding grounds.

  • Helps conservation.

  • Benefits preservation and restoration of habitat.

What's Included in Our Cremation Service?

Collection of the deceased

Collection of the deceased from the place of death.

Having your own designated funeral director.

Making arrangements for the funeral service and the burial plot at the natural burial site.


Provision of a biodegradable coffin, urn or casket

Transporting the deceased to the funeral service and natural burial location.

The Process of Natural Burial in Shropshire

The process of natural burial involves the following steps:


Inform us about the death. We will need some basic information from you about the deceased, such as their name, date and place of death.


We will collect the deceased from the place of death and convey them to our funeral home.


Our funeral director will assist you in making the funeral arrangements.


We will care for the deceased until the day of the funeral when we will escort them to the service and then on to the natural burial location.


How to Arrange a Natural Burial in Shropshire

WRR Pugh & Son works closely with a number of natural burial sites in Shropshire and our funeral directors have a wealth of experience in delivering the service you are looking for. To set the ball rolling you can:

How to Arrange a Natural Burial in Shropshire
Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing WRR Pugh & Son you can be assured of the very best care and service - whatever funeral service you are looking for. We have extensive experience in organising eco funerals and your funeral director will talk through all the options with you before making the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

The deceased must be buried in a biodegradable coffin or their ashes in a biodegradable urn or casket. No embalming of the body is permitted and the graves cannot be personalised with markers, headstones, or fencing. Floral tributes are permitted but only things like cut flowers which can decompose naturally. Nothing must be left on the grave which is not biodegradable.

Opening times of eco burial sites are readily available at the location and also by visiting their website. Most are open during daylight hours all-year round but individual sites may vary.

GPS locations are kept by the site operators and you can also find the grave by gauging a point of reference nearby.

Local Natural Burial Grounds

Westhope Green Burial Site
Craven Arms

About: Set against the backdrop of the Shropshire Hills in Craven Arms, this green funeral space is situated in a beautiful meadowland burial site. Westhope Green Burial site also has its own chapel which can be used for funeral services.

Religion: The grounds and chapel can be used by all, religious or non-religious.

Options available: Natural burial plots, combined burial and ashes plots and space for the interment of ashes or scattering of ashes.

Parking: Car parking is available on-site.

South Shropshire Remembrance Park
Upper Stanway


About: Situated in a serene setting within mature woodland.  The site contains woodland pathways and there is seating available around the park for the use of visitors. With surrounding views of Wenlock Edge and close to the Stretton Hills.

Religion: The site welcomes people of all denominations and of no denomination.

Options available: Woodland burial, interment of ashes, reception pavilion.

Parking: Parking available on-site.

Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground
Alkington Grange
SY13 3NH


About: Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground is a peaceful setting in the countryside. There is a ‘Pond of Reflection and a ‘Remembrance Tree’ at the grounds which are relaxing areas for family members and close friends.

Religion: Open to religious or non-religious funerals.

Options available: Burial plots, interment of ashes or scattering of ashes.

Parking: is available on-site.

Green Lane Burial Field
Upper Bryntalch Farm
SY15 6LA


About: Green Lane Burial Field is part of a family run farm, which opened in 2004 and is set amid beautiful scenery in the heart of the Mid-Wales countryside. The burial grounds are bordered by woodland, with magnificent views over the Severn valley.

Religion: Open to religious or non-religious funerals.

Options available: Burial plots, interment of ashes.

Parking: is available on-site.

Soulton Long Barrow


About: The Soulton Long Barrow is a modern memorial site near Wem in Shropshire. Inside the earthen mound barrow is a sequence of stone chambers that contain niches for the placement of cremation urns.

Religion: Soulton Long Barrow is secular, which means they welcome people of all faiths and none.

Options available: Niches for the ashes, tree planting service.

Parking: is available on-site and also off-site, a short walk away from the Barrow.

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