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What is a Religious Service?

It can often be difficult to know exactly what type of service to organise for a loved one if they have died and not made their wishes known. Some people are committed to their faith, making the choice of service an obvious one, however other individual cases are not so clear cut.

The type of religious service required at a funeral varies depending on faith and we have vast experience in organising services to cater for a number of different beliefs. The religious service usually involves a gathering at a place of worship presided over by a minister or other ordained person such as a vicar or priest. This is then followed by the cremation or burial of the body.

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What is a Religious Service?
Organising a Religious Service in Shropshire


Organising a Religious Service in Shropshire

Services can be personalised in a number of ways and funeral arrangements are made in consultation between ourselves as funeral director and the family of the deceased. Alternatively, we are often approached by an individual who wishes to plan their own funeral service in advance of their death. This:

  • Ensures clarity. 
  • Removes responsibility from family to a large extent.
  • Sets out decisions over such things as music, hymns, readings, eulogy and flowers which may otherwise be open to speculation and ideas that may not fit exactly with the deceased’s wishes.
Frequently Asked Questions

No. A minister will officiate at the funeral of anyone within their parish, but there will be a fee for their services.

A religious funeral can take place at a church, cemetery, crematorium or green burial site.

Yes. We have a list of ministers and faith leaders for most denominations available and can advise you if necessary.

Yes. You can choose where you want the service held, the type of coffin to be used, floral tributes, any photographs or memorabilia you would like to include and any personal tributes, readings, hymns or other music to form part of the service.

lace yourself entirely in our hands. We will guide you through the process and look after all the arrangements for you. We have a long history in the funeral industry and have built up a wide range of knowledge and experience overseeing many religious funeral services. We are happy to accommodate your needs in regards to our approach and involvement and will take our lead from you as to how the funeral service is to be set out and conducted.

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