Funeral at WRR Pugh & Son's Service Chapel in Shropshire

Choosing Our Chapel for Your Funeral Service

We endeavour to meet all requirements when it comes to arranging a funeral and we realise just how important it is to provide options when it comes to selecting a venue for a funeral service.

One alternative we are particularly proud of being able to offer is  our capability to host a funeral at our very own private service chapel in Shrewsbury. The chapel can seat up to 40 people, has disabled access, onsite parking and is easily accessible.

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Choosing Our Chapel for Your Funeral Service - WRR Pugh & Son's Service Chapel in Shropshire

Benefits of a WRR Pugh & Son Chapel Service in Shropshire

Service Chapel

Our service chapel can be arranged to your individual requirements.

You will have much greater flexibility in choosing the time and day of your funeral service.

Avoid the delays

Avoid the delays which can build up for a service at the crematorium.


Arranging a Funeral Service at Our Chapel in Shropshire

A funeral service at our chapel offers a quicker, easier and more flexible alternative to a church or crematorium service. We have the facilities to personalise the service through a visual display of photos and other memorabilia, sing hymns and play music. You are also welcome to record the service or stream it through a choice of different formats. 

Arranging a service at our chapel couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is make your interest known to our funeral director and we will take it from there.

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