Cathy Ellis

Cathy Ellis

Cathy originally worked as a Business Consultant in the Public and Private sector for over 28 years. In 2016 she had a change of heart, and decided to pursue a career she had a keen interest in and therefore trained as an Embalmer. Cathy is now a professional member of the British Institute of Embalmers.

“Embalming gives me a sense of achievement knowing that my skills and training enable me to work with the deceased to ensure they look at their best and at peace when their families come to visit them in the chapel of rest”.

In August 2018, Cathy decided to enhance her career further and train as a Funeral Director. “Alongside embalming, being a Funeral Director is such a rewarding job.  The gratification the family show for all that you do for them, supporting them throughout the funeral process and being available at any time can bring a lot of comfort to them in what is an otherwise very emotional time. So much so sometimes even suggesting that they could not have ‘made it through’ without you”.

Cathy joined WRR Pugh & Son in 2018, relocating from Midwales to Shropshire and is married with two children.

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