Many people will make it clear to their loved ones what their preferences are regarding their ashes after they die. In other cases, it is left to family or friends to decide.
There are many things to think about when a husband, wife or partner dies - the emotional aspect of coming to terms with the loss, the need to focus on everything that needs doing following a death and a possible re-evaluation of your financial circumstances.
There are a growing number of advertisements on TV and in the press about direct cremations provided by companies covering the whole country - but did you know that this is a service we also provide here at WRR Pugh & Son in Shrewsbury?
The cost of living has risen beyond belief over the past year with fuel, energy and food prices all having been affected to varying degrees. Factor in other price increases, and we are left with the precarious economic climate we now find ourselves in.
We know just how difficult it can be to meet the cost of paying for a funeral - particularly if no provision has been made by your loved one. It is a problem made worse by the current economic climate, but there is help at hand.
Being widowed is one of the most difficult life experiences we are ever likely to face - at whatever age it occurs. The shock, grief and feeling of loss can all combine to make the prospect of going on alone often unimaginable.
This responsibility is often taken on by one person but we find that it can be a burden better shared if others are willing to help. However quiet and simplistic a life the bereaved has lived, there will still be a number of people that need to be contacted.
Christmas is a magical time of year, the season to be jolly with everyone seemingly enjoying themselves and festive merriment everywhere - but it can also be a time of great sadness when the loss of a loved one is brought strongly into focus.
When a person dies someone must take charge of making the necessary funeral arrangements and administering the deceased’s estate in accordance with their wishes. But who takes on that responsibility?
There will be a number of questions you may have after the death of a loved one, including having the option to view the deceased.