We are living in times of an increasingly ageing population. Many people are fortunate enough to spend their final days at home while others need the benefits of the exceptional care provided by a residential home.
A Shropshire funeral director is backing historic calls for the funeral industry to be regulated as a police investigation continues at a Hull undertaker’s.
The idea of choosing a funeral director is something most of us give little thought to - until we lose someone close to us and need to make decisions about their funeral.
Dealing with a bereavement is difficult and the feeling of loss can be overwhelming. We all have different ways of coping at this time.
We know just how important it is for you to give your loved one the send-off in Shrewsbury that they would wish for and deserve.
There are a range of choices when it comes to organising a funeral service in Shropshire and you can always depend on WRR Pugh & Son to meet all your requirements from our family business premises right here in Shrewsbury.
Dealing with a bereavement is emotionally trying and coping with that alongside everything else that requires attention during this time can make the situation even more difficult.
Many people will make it clear to their loved ones what their preferences are regarding their ashes after they die. In other cases, it is left to family or friends to decide.
There are many things to think about when a husband, wife or partner dies - the emotional aspect of coming to terms with the loss, the need to focus on everything that needs doing following a death and a possible re-evaluation of your financial circumstances.
There are a growing number of advertisements on TV and in the press about direct cremations provided by companies covering the whole country - but did you know that this is a service we also provide here at WRR Pugh & Son in Shrewsbury?