Am I permitted to see a loved one after they die?
21 Nov 2022

There will be a number of questions you may have after the death of a loved one, including having the option to view the deceased.

Everyone deals with a close death differently - some prefer to remember their loved one as they were while others treasure the opportunity to view the deceased as their way of saying goodbye.

Difficult circumstances

The death of a loved one is a difficult time and we understand that knowing what you need to do in these exceptional circumstances will probably come as a complete mystery, unless you can draw on previous experience. It is also true that many people are unsure if they are allowed to view the deceased.

We work closely with you to make the final arrangements for your loved one in the way you and they want. Care of the deceased and their family is always our top priority and we are happy to organise a viewing if that is your wish.

Private setting

Our dedicated Chapels of Rest at both our Longden Coleham and Whitchurch Road funeral homes have been refurbished recently and are the ideal setting for you to pay your final respects privately.

We will prepare the deceased, dressing them in clothes chosen by them or you and arrange a time convenient to you for the viewing which will ensure you remain undisturbed during this period of reflection.  

You may wish to place an item of importance to you and the deceased inside the coffin, notes or some kind or floral tribute. If this is the case, simply talk it through with our funeral directors and we will be happy to accommodate these wishes if it is possible.

Always ready to help

There are occasions when we are asked if the deceased can spend some time at a place of worship which played an important role in their life or at the family home prior to the funeral. Again, our funeral directors will be happy to arrange this for you.  

WRR Pugh & Son has many years of experience in ensuring the wishes of the deceased and their family are met. This experience has seen us receive many different requests which on the face of it might seem an impossible ask by the family to follow through. But we are never surprised by requests and we always try our very best to fulfil those so-important final wishes.