Are you unsure what to do with your loved one’s ashes?
04 Sep 2023

Many people will make it clear to their loved ones what their preferences are regarding their ashes after they die. In other cases, it is left to family or friends to decide; but there can be uncertainty if it has not been discussed.

Places of significant meaning to the deceased always figure highly when it comes to scattering their ashes - places they enjoyed visiting, somewhere in keeping with their main interests or places with strong family ties. 

A personal thing

The list can be long and varied but will always have that most personal of connections to the deceased; with some of the more favoured options being: 

  • The sea, rivers and other open stretches of water
  • Sports’ grounds
  • The crematorium’s garden of remembrance
  • Burial in a graveyard, cemetery or woodland site
  • At the family home

The main thing to consider is that the landowner’s permission must be sought if you want to scatter your loved one’s ashes on private land or private stretches of water, and if the ashes are to be buried in a small graveyard plot or within an existing grave, then permission is needed, and arrangements will need to be made. We have a selection of wooden caskets and scatter tubes available to view in our showroom.

Creating memorial jewellery

Another popular consideration is for your loved one’s ashes to form part of a bespoke piece of memorial jewellery - another service which is available through us. 

The actual cremation of the deceased takes place individually at the crematorium on the same day as the funeral service, with the ashes placed into a container. If the decision by the family is for the ashes to be scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance, this will take place unattended within a few days of the funeral.

In the event that you want to collect the ashes, this can be done either directly from the crematorium or from your funeral director’s offices within days of the funeral - although at WRR Pugh & Son we do request 24-hour notice.

Release of the ashes

We will issue you with a certificate from the crematorium detailing the name of the deceased and date of the funeral when you collect the ashes, and we are only able to release the ashes to the ‘named applicant’ on the official funeral paperwork.

If you do require a nominated person to collect the ashes, we need to be informed in writing 24 hours before collection, and a signed letter from us will be needed should you wish to take the ashes out of the country.