Burial or cremation? It is your choice - Make the choice to make it easier for your family.
07 Nov 2022

There are two main options to consider following a death - burial or cremation. The choice is yours and, whatever your preference, you can rest assured that WRR Pugh & Son will see that your wishes and that of your loved ones are carried out accordingly. It is easier if your family member makes the decision and states it in their Will as part of their life planning.

We know that it is something you probably don’t want to talk about but it is important to make your wishes clear in your Will or by having the discussion with your family about what your preference is, which will make things just a little easier for your loved ones when the time comes.


A growing trend

Although cremation is known to have taken place for many thousands of years and is mentioned in the Bible, it is still relatively new within the span of civilisation and virtually no cremations were carried out in Britain until about 150 years or so ago.

Since then it has grown in terms of popularity to the point where it is estimated that today about 75% of people choose cremation over burial. It’s a personal choice which is often made on the grounds of:

  • Personal beliefs
  • Faith
  • Affordability
  • Family tradition
  • Decline of the burial ground family plot
  • A reduction in available space for burial grounds due to an ever-growing population

It is often still possible to inter the ashes into an existing grave or family plot or arrange for ashes to be buried in a new plot at a burial ground where space allows. We are able to assist with these requirements as part of your funeral arrangements and in accordance with your wishes.


Other options

A loved one's ashes can also be interred on private property, such as at the family home, but permission of the landowner must be sought. Another popular option is for the ashes to be scattered over land or at sea at a place which was special to the deceased during their lifetime.

If a burial is preferred, we are again able to make all the necessary arrangements for you. This includes burial within an existing family plot after we have seen the original deed allowing this to happen, or organising for you the purchase of a new plot where available.

Whatever the wishes for your or a loved one’s funeral, WRR Pugh & Son will endeavour to make it happen. This also includes direct cremations and natural burials. We are here to carry out your final wishes as professionally and sympathetically as possible.