Can I claim any support if my wife or husband dies
03 Aug 2023

There are many things to think about when a husband, wife or partner dies - the emotional aspect of coming to terms with the loss, the need to focus on everything that needs doing following a death and a possible re-evaluation of your financial circumstances.

Income and savings play extremely important roles in our everyday lives and these can be hit significantly when a partner dies, unless some financial provision has been made.

One of the questions we are often asked by families in Shropshire following a death is whether any financial support is available to them after a bereavement.

As a Shrewsbury-based funeral director, we are here to help and advise.

Government support

There is support available from the Government in the form of a Bereavement Support Payment provided you meet the eligibility criteria. This link provides all the information you need in easy-to-understand language in helping you to understand if you qualify.

The Bereavement Support Payment has replaced the Bereavement Allowance, previously known as the Widow’s Pension; the Widowed Parent’s Allowance; and the Bereavement Payment. If a claimant is successful, there is usually a one-off payment followed by up to 18 further monthly payments.

It is not means-tested and to be eligible you must have been married, in a civil partnership or been living together as though you were married at the time your partner died. You must be under state pension age and your partner must have died as a result of a work accident, a disease caused by work or your partner must have paid National Insurance contributions for at least 25 weeks in one tax year since April 1975.

Other information on the Government website includes things like the timescale in making a claim and alternative options that may be available to claimants.

Funeral Expenses Payment

Another way bereaved people can benefit from Government support is through the Funeral Expenses Payment, also known as a Funeral Payment. It can be claimed by people on certain benefits and helps pay some of the costs of a funeral - although it should be remembered that it does not usually cover all the costs.

This payment can also be deducted from any money you may get from the estate of the deceased.