Designer coffins - what would be your choice?
11 Jan 2022

We pride ourselves on the range of coffins we have available to choose from but did you know that environmentally-friendly coffins are now our most popular option - many of which can come with a design-your-own feature?

It probably doesn’t come as any great surprise as there is much more general awareness about the environment and protecting the world we live in for future generations - something we at WRR Pugh & Son Funeral Directors in Shrewsbury are totally committed to.

This commitment is shared by our suppliers and partners at LifeArt and Ecoffins and are very much in keeping with the wishes of an increasing number of deceased and their families in our care.

The chance to design your own coffin

LifeArt environmentally-friendly coffins come with the option of designing your own - rather like people would if they were putting together a photobook of their life. It acts like a 3D flip-around feature where they can include things on the coffin like photos, verses, poems, words and quotes.

It provides the opportunity for the whole coffin to reflect the life and times of the deceased, focusing on their personality and character. The possibilities are virtually endless and are products which many people are now considering as the way in which they want to be remembered and families wish to remember a loved one.

The LifeArt coffins tick all the right boxes in helping to reduce our carbon footprint. They are made from wood fibre, sourced from suppliers accredited by sustainable forestry programmes and are constructed from a mix of virgin, recovered and recycled fibre.

All of which results in up to 80% fewer trees being needed to make the coffins and 87% less greenhouse emissions during cremation.

Enhanced choices

Previously, if people wanted an environmentally-friendly funeral they would have to sacrifice the level of coffin choice available, but now we have enhanced the number of options available to meet the rising demand.

It is the direction in which the industry is moving and one we fully embrace as a way of reducing the carbon footprint. Our other supplier, Ecoffins, has been creating hand-woven, environmentally-friendly coffins for almost 20 years.

All Ecoffin coffins are made from highly renewable and sustainable materials like willow, recycled cardboard or bamboo. They are 100% natural and biodegradable - making them ideal for burial and they produce less harmful emissions during cremation.

At a time when the environment should be uppermost in all our minds, it’s reassuring to know that the funeral industry and those we care for are doing our bit, and that we and our partners at Ecoffins and LifeArt are leading the way.