Direct crematorium services right on your doorstep with a special goodbye from loved ones
20 Jul 2023

There are a growing number of advertisements on TV and in the press about direct cremations provided by companies covering the whole country - but did you know that this is a service we also provide here at WRR Pugh & Son in Shrewsbury?

The main attraction of a direct cremation is saving on the cost of a funeral but it also comes with certain restrictions, which does not appeal to everyone, so it is important to have that conversation with a loved one to establish exactly what they want for their final send-off.

A direct cremation involves:

  • No service
  • No family or other mourners present
  • No opportunity to view the deceased

If a direct cremation is the desired wish, thoughts must then turn to the choice of funeral director. The national company promises to collect the deceased from anywhere in the country but generally means the cremation taking place miles and miles away. The thought of a loved one’s body travelling for miles to a crematorium unknown by them can often be upsetting. 

This is because many direct cremation companies are reluctant to arrange a cremation local to the deceased because of the very early time slots allocated to direct cremations by crematoriums.

Staying local

In contrast, choosing WRR Pugh & Son means you know your loved one is going to Shrewsbury Crematorium, meeting the early morning time slots pose no problem for us, and families can wave off their loved ones locally.  

You can also rest assured that the deceased will receive the same high standard of care and respect that we afford everyone - irrespective of the choice of their final journey. A direct cremation with WRR Pugh & Son will involve:

  • Care of the deceased and viewing at the chapel of rest
  • Completion of all necessary documentation
  • Doctors fees and crematorium charges
  • Provision of a suitable coffin for cremation
  • Making crematorium arrangements
  • Conveying the deceased to the crematorium
  • Provision of bearers

A direct cremation doesn’t mean you miss out on the chance to remember your loved ones with others that day or any other day in the future. Instead it offers you the flexibility of arranging a memorial service, service of thanksgiving or social gathering at a time convenient to the family. It is also possible to have the cremated remains, also known as ashes, returned to the family as an alternative to being scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance. Many families then have their family gathering, if they want one, on that day when they place the ashes at their chosen location.

If you or your loved one chooses a Direct Cremation - then choose local. You and your loved ones deserve the same friendly, professional support and service regardless of your budget.