Donations help to support the Alzheimer’s Society
25 Feb 2022

Our team at Pughs is only too aware of the problems faced by families who have loved ones living with dementia - which is one of the reasons why we are proud to continue supporting the Alzheimer’s Society as our charity of the year.

Last year we were able to collect £615 in donations made to this most worthy of causes - and we thank all the families and friends who donated to the charity in memory of a loved one.

We recently received a certificate from the Alzheimer’s Society recognising the achievement and know that you will be pleased to hear that the donations you have made will be put to good use by the charity in its ongoing fight to fund research to help find a cure, campaign for change and support people living with dementia.

A high profile disease

Living with dementia is extremely difficult for those affected, their family and friends at any time but the pandemic has made things so much worse in many cases. Families have battled to care for their loved ones, often in isolation, as they watch this progressive disease worsen, resulting in the ongoing deterioration of the mental capacity and quality of life of those who are among the most dear to them.

The Alzheimer’s Society is doing all it can to combat this dreadful disease and its efforts should be applauded and supported in making a real difference to people living with dementia. The facts:

  • Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia
  • It affects more than 520,000 people in the UK
  • These figures are only going to rise
  • Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer
  • There is no cure at this time
  • Someone develops dementia on average every three minutes

What can be done?

We are finding out more about dementia all the time and work goes on tirelessly to find a cure and help those affected manage the condition better. It all takes money of course and one of the best and easiest ways to join the fight is to donate funds.

We were delighted to present the Alzheimer’s Society with the £615 raised through donations last year and are hoping to top £1,000 in 2022 in support of our charity of the year!

For more about the Alzheimer’s Society, visit

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