Live streaming is here to stay!
13 May 2022

There are times when mourners are simply unable to attend the funeral of a loved one in person but there is an alternative and live streaming means you can still be at the funeral - even if you are not there in person.

Live streaming has become an increasingly popular way of allowing people to pay their final respects in real time. This relatively recent option which can be added as part of a funeral service has flourished with the major steps forward in technology and connectivity.

There are many reasons why people are unable to attend a funeral in person, including illness and mobility problems and family and friends of the deceased living long distances away, making travel often impractical or just impossible within the time frame.

Valuable service

Live streaming proved invaluable and a major comfort through Covid when funeral numbers and travel were drastically restricted, meaning people could still 'be at the service', albeit virtually.

It is a feature of the funeral service which really came of age during the pandemic. There is no doubt that this service is here to stay and is something we are incorporating more and more into funeral planning at the request of families.

Live streaming of a funeral service can be arranged at both Emstrey and Telford crematoriums, meaning family and friends unable to attend the funeral on the day can still view the service. It is also possible to order a 28-day webcast, allowing for the service to be viewed online for up to 28 days after it takes place.

Away from the facilities of the crematoriums, live streaming and recording of the funeral service is still possible with several local churches having recently installed the technology required.

At other venues that do not have this facility WRR Pugh & Son work closely with Charles and Heather Denscombe, of MicroVideo Shrewsbury Ltd, who can offer a high quality and professional live streaming and recording service as part of the funeral service.

Slideshow availability

Another option available to families is the creation of a personalised slideshow, provided by them, which would be shown during the service at Emstrey.

We also have an option for families to have a tribute page set up in their loved ones name, where friends and family, both near and far, can leave an in-memory charity donation, share stories, light candles, add photos, and leave messages.

Live streaming can be carried over several platforms and the only things you really need to take advantage of the service are a good internet connection and the equipment to capture the sound and video feed. Live streaming is an increasingly important aspect of funeral services and one which WRR Pugh & Son is fully embracing.