Personalised funeral services: Honouring your loved one’s wishes in Shrewsbury
08 Jan 2024

We know just how important it is for you to give your loved one the send-off in Shrewsbury that they would wish for and deserve. 

Many people in Shrewsbury make arrangements for their own funeral, taking what they perceive to be the burden away from loved ones at a difficult time. In such cases family members can rest assured that those final arrangements are completely in line with the wishes of the deceased - something they may not be so confident about where no final wishes have been made known.

Service you can trust

You can always depend on our team at WRR Pugh & Son to deliver the desired funeral in line with the deceased’s own funeral plans or those left to the wishes of the family, including all the personal touches that make such a difference on these occasions.

There are a number of ways you can personalise a funeral service in Shrewsbury and believe us when we say that very little surprises us when it comes to some of the more unusual requests. 

Whatever your wishes, we will do our very best to accommodate them so that you can honour your loved one in the way you want. This can include:

  • Designing the look of a coffin to your own specifications
  • Personalising your order of service leaflets with stories about the deceased, poems, pictures and hymns
  • Requesting a dress code theme for mourners
  • Providing your own bearers
  • Selecting a different type of hearse - such as a motorcycle or horse-drawn carriage
  • A music playlist unique to the deceased
  • Special floral tributes
  • A eulogy delivered by a family member or close friend
  • A slide show display of the deceased’s life journey

Live streaming

Another important addition to the funeral service in recent years has been live streaming - a service that is available at the crematoriums in Shrewsbury and Telford and at a number of churches in Shropshire.

We are also able to help with the provision of a streaming service at churches and other venues where that technology does not currently exist. We can arrange this for you with the help of our close friends at MicroVideo Shrewsbury Ltd, who will provide this service.

Live streaming is an important way for people to still say goodbye when they are unable to attend the service in person. It is also possible to order a webcast of the funeral on request. This is available for 28 days after the service has taken place.