The Association of Green Funeral Directors and a commitment to the future
06 Jul 2022

The Association of Green Funeral Directors and a commitment to the future

Here at WRR Pugh & Son we are constantly aware of our obligations to the environment and the ongoing protection of the world we live in.

One of the ways we are meeting our commitment to the environment is by being a member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors - an organisation which boasts a membership of funeral directors from across the country and an associate membership made up of businesses who are essential in supplying the funeral industry.

Still growing

The association was established 13 years ago and has seen huge growth since then as more and more funeral directors and associated businesses have seen the value and importance of signing up to this most worthy of institutions.

Members are always expected to strive for the highest levels of personal and practical service through a strict code of practice that includes allowing bereaved families to have as much involvement as they want in organising a funeral for their loved ones in line with individual needs.

Another key element of the code of practice focuses on the provision of clear information regarding pricing options so families are always up to speed with costs, what they will be required to pay and that there are no unwelcome surprises.

Members also make specific pledges concerning embalming, the use of literature, environmentally-friendly coffins, natural burial grounds, environmentally-friendly flower options and general conduct - all of which we fully endorse and which ensure families and the deceased are always treated fairly and with the utmost respect.

Three objectives

The Association of Green Funeral Directors was set up with three main objectives in mind:

  • To encourage funeral directors to become more green-minded in all aspects of their work and help to bring natural funerals into the mainstream.
  • To help the public in their search for funeral homes in their area able to provide more sustainable and environmentally-friendly funeral options.
  • To hold the annual Good Funeral Awards - recognising everyone within the industry offering the best products and services to customers.

One of the major ways we are helping to reduce the carbon footprint is through our partnership with two companies who supply environmentally-friendly coffins - something which is being requested by an increasing number of people.

LifeArt, based in Gloucester, and Ecoffins in Kent are helping us provide a wide range of eco-friendly coffin options, which also includes the opportunity for people to design their own coffin.

LifeArt coffins are made from wood fibre, sourced from suppliers accredited by sustainable forestry programmes and are made from a mix of virgin, recovered and recycled fibre, while Ecoffin coffins are made from highly renewable and sustainable materials like willow, recycled cardboard or bamboo.

The funeral industry is continuously changing and adapting to meet the requirements of customers. You can feel safe in the knowledge that WRR Pugh & Son will provide you with the most up to date information, and show you the range of coffins in our showroom so you can make an informed choice that is right for you and your loved one.